School Discipline

Discipline is the law of Nature and without it nothing can be achieved in life. Inculcation of discipline among students is the most significant aspect of education, not confined to school alone. Parents also must co-operate with school in observing these norms:
Irregular attendance, french leaves, habitual late coming, leaving the school premises without permission, disobedience and any type of unruly and objectionable behaviour is considered to be grave act of indisciplined on the part of a stuent, which can lead to his/her expulsion from the student.
Students on their way to and fro from the school are expected to deport themselves in a responsible manner. Being on the road in any mode of transport entails caution, care and attention to safty rules.
The students who expect to reach home late after school due to personal reasons must inform their parents/guardians in advance.
Students are expected to take proper care of the school property. It is for their convenience. They should not break/damage any item of furniture and fixtures.
They should not write, scratch or engrave graffiti on desks, chairs, bus seats and other surfaces.
They should not damage or remove things belonging to other students.
If a student causing damage to the school property is identified, he/she will be punished and imposed a fine suitably.
In the event of collecting damage to school property in a classroom, the entire class occupying that classroom will be charged the cost of the damages.
The school is not to be held responsible for the loss of personal belongings.
Running and shouting is prohibited.
No money collection is allowed in the school without the prior permission of the Principal.
Following categories of the students will be liable for the withdrawal from the school ;
               Successive failure in two consecutive years.
               Improper and shabby dress.
               Irregular attendance.
               Indisciplined (Often punished).
It is compulsory for all students to attend the assembly.
All the students should observe high standards in their general get-up, deportment and conduct.
The use of abusive language is a punishable offense.
Articles found in the school are to be handed over to the Principal's office.

Transport Rules

Unauthorized traveling in the school bus is viewed as a serious offence, and can lead to a fine of Rs. 500.
Parents are expected to co-operate with the school by ensuring that their wards travelling in the buses must report at their embarking point well on time. The students must carry their identity cards.
Intentional vandalism such as breaking of window panes, tearing and cutting of seat covers, defacing the interior of the bus and any other related offence will result into penalty and withdrawal of the facility.
Parents are requested to study the specified routes suitable to them the best and opt for them.
In case, there is genuine grievance, it should be submitted in writing to the bus in charge or to the Principal.
The use of bus facility can not be discontinued in the middle of a session. It may, however, be discontinued in the case of transfer/change of address, after submitting an application to the Principal 15 days in advance.